Isnin, Jun 08, 2015

Almost the second half.

First week of June. Last month of second quarter for 2015. I need to be more realistic and rational in my moves and motives.  Decision making has become more crucial than ever. It will be a challenge to finish the first half of this year on a high note (more on that as the month closes).

Fuad, my business share partner helped a lot this last recent months. Technically and formally, the company is building much stronger in terms of assets and some reputation. Indeed things have becoming much serious. So, I have up my game. Here what is on Manteraverse plate thus far:

1. 'Dunia Pendekar' & 'Spender Boy' as our lead key brand.
2. A button badge machine
3. 'Frostee'. A possible slush machine with it's own product branding.
4. Priting house deal with Hizi Print, a large scale offset and onset industrial size printing account.
5. Collaboration with Eduseeds, FASV and Akademi Al-Quran Subang Jaya (AQSJ).

No matter how hard I work on this deals and projects, the mountain has becoming higher and higher. Becoming resilient and persistence is the main point here. Patience is a virtue they say. I believe one day that day will come where we arrive at the top and conquer all our dreams.

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