The Science of being Lone and Alone

It’s nothing we haven’t heard before: the modern human presented as a slave to Facebook likeage, afraid of being seen sans-Instagram filter, preferring “poking” to actual touching but has 5,000 friends. The debate rages on over whether social media makes us lonelier and more self-absorbed than ever with the verdict usually being that it does. 

Regardless, social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This visualization is a fresh and subtly soul-wrenching reminder of the way our screens can become cells of solitary confinement. It drives the point home with a carefully parsed video narration that might make you consider, for a second, throwing your computer out the window and starting a Luddite Revolution (but how would you recruit members without Twitter?)

I became addicted to online socializing through social media. This started to bother and intrigue me at the same time. There’s something about simplicity, I think, that makes the message stronger: We collect friends like stamps, sacrificing quality for quantity.