Prime candidate for 'Tragedy of the Year'

A tragedy happened today. I accidentally stepped on my laptop of two years in the dark right after sahur time. And the whole world just got a whole lot darker and bleaker when I found that the monitor screen is cracked, I do mean really damaged-cracked. Imagine that with super level of atomic explosion just like the pic above.

That’s exactly what I’m feeling from the inside out. And multiply that by 10.


azyze berkata…
dugaan Ramadhonnnnnn namanya ini.

mari harap duit raya kelak cukup untuk buat duit minyak ke kedai laptop. itupun kalau ada haha.

selamat berpuasa lagi separuh bulan, enchek.
faizalmukhtar berkata…

selamat kembali.

by da way, skrin laptop sudah dibaiki, thanks to your doa.