Its a zoo next to a zoo

Went to a place that was meant to be promising. A place where it seems like hopes and dreams are made of. But this hopes and dreams are sometimes dashed out by oppressor and not so good people. People who are in for the benefits of their own. Well now that I am more experience and having extensive and expansive brain cell, will not be easily get carried away with such hook-ups.

The lure of short-lived excitement. Happens to a lot of person, including me before. In many rooms, I can be easily the smartest and ‘in-the-know-how’. While most people, purposely let themselves be in that particular pretentious claptrap, letting their inner intellect be molested mercilessly.

It’s a horrid place. Yet still, a place that can remind us all how time will change eventually while people do not (unless if they want to).


azyze berkata…
Hambek kau banyaknya entri! hahaha
good to know you're writing again :)
faizalmukhtar berkata…

: ) I am always writing something. Its either you see it or you dont see it.