If this is 100 Bullets, we are like "The Trust".

Met an old friend today. He was what I say one of those friends that weren’t close to you before but is interesting to me now because of the level of achievements and experience and reputation one had gained over the years. He is now doing his own stuff, meaning he has currently have earned sufficient amount of readiness to do things independently. For the record, he is in the same line (more or less) and speaks the same language as I do.

Being a creative mind, we discuss how the world works according to us.

How money does not really control all. How being smart and slick is never enough. How the world keeps getting smaller and smaller and even smaller as we speak. How keeping a modest heart can be worthwhile for a long while.

Things are different when we both started. Naive and not knowing much. The world is a new playground. I am happy to have met him now because as we supposed to meet before, it would be a different story. Life’s education is stronger than we taught it ever would be and could be. And so he helped me by giving an advice or two of doing what I do best. Doing the things I love and passionate about in life: Ignore critics, believe in one self and keep the momentum going no matter what.

According to him since he started his business seriously last year, a sum of approximately RM100k is already on his payroll. Amazing what confidence can do to you if you have the guts and courage and just be ready to kick-off. Exactly the right motivational factor needed.

After a while, I think time can really tell.

From this point to that point: The journey is everything. The destination you have already know.

Thank you Ben for throwing me that line when I needed it the most.