Still keeping faith

I am unwell today. Semi-ill. But I got something to tell and share.

I've been seeing people who I believe are fundamentally important in my coming plans for next year. So, as some might noticed, also have been teasing who they are in my FB. Some are apparently evident and some are still hidden lucratively there somewhere for people to find out.

Just letting you lot to know that I am still very much passionate on what I am doing for the past years or so, despite being jobless for almost a year now (jobless as in no monthly income to pay my mortgage and bills steadily). And the dream will never dim down and 'die' herein uncertain times like this as it well pushes me to do better and greater as I go.

Keep the faith.


gayour berkata…
LOSER or what

you choose

good luck and... may Allah always bless you boy scout.

shout it out loud...UP! UP! AND AWAYYYY!
faizalmukhtar berkata…

Shout it out loud tu bukan lagu Bon Jovi ke? Hahahah!!!
SL berkata…
Dude, gua memang respect you keeping the faith and not letting the dream die. It takes a lot of guts to not put the lights out and be an anonymous salaryman like everybody else.

If anyone deserves to get there, it's you, bro!