More to come

A nice and subtle weather like today, I spent most of the time at my 'Secret Quarter'. I used to have a Batcave and a Fortress of Solitude before when I was job-less. But nevertheless, after a cave and a fortress, I think I am comfortable enough settling for a quarter. A righteous space to do what I do best: Thinking. Writing. Planning and executing my mission and future plans. This new place is just plain sweet and only a selected few knows about it.

While doing my stuff, I can't help the striking thought of missing some thing and some people in my life. I think this is the first time I put it on paper(or on screen for blog entry, which ever way you like it). In recent years, I can cope with this sense of 'lost'. But when you are out there, having so much fun, a merry and wonderful time like never before, often people forget how fast time flies. You tend to be extremely happy and overly excited in what you do and tend to neglect the other side of things. And now, when its all gone, there is nothing but regret, hurtfelt bumps and the point of almost no return.

I am talking about you - my loyal friends, fans and family, of course.

I am sorry that I can't continue to make such carnival as before. I am sorry that there is not much fireworks and flair. I am sorry that I have hold back and keep on bragging and nagging about my frustrations and despair. As a person, I just need that little time to settle down and pick myself up again.

Well, guess what? It won't be long now and I am telling this EXCLUSIVELY for you who has been following and reading this blog of mine for quite some time. It is not out yet on Facebook or anywhere else as this is for your eyes only.

Come. Let me give you guys a sneak peek what I am working on:

*This is what comes next and after. Be on a lookout for this space. More to come.