We are (like it or not) ...on the same mistaken page,

Look at this.

This are accidents.

Accidental occurences. A happening without warning. That's the whole purpose of an accident. The reason is unclear. Unplanned. Unknown. But they do have one simple and yet obvious answer:


There are takes in life which we tend choose from someone or somewhere.

I believe that some kind of mistakes are caused naturally while others are the result of men. Men like me. Men like you. Men and women alike us.

Now, either way mistakes are just mistakes. They can be prevented and they also can't be prevented. They can do you harm and they can do you good. They can make you and yet they can also break you.

Why do mistakes happen?

Is it desirable to let it happen once in a while or does it happen more often because there is a bigger lesson towards building and shaping a better life. It is clear that some mistakes are bound to happen, no matter how hard you try to stop it nor how strong you try to deny it. Some other mistakes are even welcome to strike at any given time. They are invited mistakes. Mistakes that you want it to be there for you so that you can learn and re-learn, over and over again.

Examples: The mistakes you did when you tried to eat something new and later on dissatisfying it's flavor and taste in he end. The mistakes you did when you outspoke some words which are unintentional(?) and hurt or breaking other people's feelings. The mistakes you did when you try to follow a certain road which leads up to another road which is not where you are going exactly.

Mistakes are here to stay. Especially human mistakes. They can be such a dreadful one and a joyful intercourse too.

Some might got lucky and get out of it 'alive', so that they can continue with their dear lives and be careful and be wary not to make the same mistakes all over again. Yes, that is the right thing. Not to make the same mistakes twice or thrice or whatever. Not to be phobic or to be afraid of making mistakes.

It is just so happens that mistakes are actually 'men-made'.

Nature don't make mistakes.

Like this one that just re-bounded right in front of my face.

No one died in this accident. Only injury and suffering. No one seems to take this lightly when it could be even more disastrous that just gas leakage. It could be a well-coordinated act of terrorism if one let themselves to be further 'imaginative'. Then, there is still no motives to motivate that right here in my homeplace. But one could not be too sure in the modern world we live in now. But as for now, let just settle down with gas leakage.

I see this as a moral story. I always do that. Every single day. Every single time.

I do more than just look and see: I OBSERVATE.

I do more than care and response: I APRRECIATE.

Look how sudden and abrupt this mistakes are. Like this one here. I, also can be easily combustible and extremely loud. No one will see it coming but I will suddenly break hearts and punish people without consent. I am capable of doing stuff that is out of my control, making things and doings which are regretable once I come to my senses later on. Undoubtfully, I am human and as human we do get provoked and revoked.

Then, of course there are loses. Belongings which are yours before and then gone after because of this mistakes. Any doing and undoings can or cannot make it happen again. Yes. buildings crumble and default, materials lost and found. But can they be ever (or never) be the same again? Especially when they come in the shape of hearts and fragile feelings. For better or worse, mistakes make happenings as happenings 'were' and 'are'.

Make a fuss. Make commotions. Make news out of this. Make mistakes.

Mistakes are all around us.

p/s: Oh. For those who are not in the 'know-how', I am not strictly talking about the EMPIRE Subang 'bomb' accident. This is mostly me taking a cue from it.