Ahad, Jun 12, 2011

My stop no more


What have I done?

What have I done to myself and themselves that have come to such thing. Such matter. Such incoincidence. I have set up a trap upon me. An ambush that I have foreseen a thousand miles away, a million times over.

Am I stupid? Am I dumb? Or am I just plain arrogant and ignorant.

I can see that this is me now. The me that is suppose to be. Past yesterday, come tomorrow. The world will eventually tell you, this is your stop. For you to sit or stand, to think and ponder. For how long and how much: That is entirely up to me.

I am waiting for my next ride.

Please take me someplace, sometime better. This stop is too bitter and too painful to wait a while longer, even though I know,

This is my stop.

My stop no more.


azyze berkata...

hope this will cheer you up a bit :)


faizalmukhtar berkata...


wow! this is really, really impressive. tq dear

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