Rabu, Mei 25, 2011

This is what I think of my job previously

You don’t find a job that you like.

You create and invent a job that you like and love on your own terms. Which is what I seldom said to myself at times like this.

Bosses and businessmen don’t exactly know what you had in my mind until they’d seen your success. Well, that is what I would do if I am in their place. Success means money for them. If it works, its money. If it generates income and profitability, then only they will come to you and shake your hands and said a little something like, “You’re good, I have something that’ll will make us great and even better working together”, or “What do you need now that can make more than this?”

Been there, through that. Almost.

Here I am jobless(again) not finding satisfaction(again and again) because of bosses and businessmen. I like that spirit and motivation going on for me at my last place but that place was own by strictly bosses and businessmen. Unlike most of the people who work for them which aren’t. Their effort to put up something more profound rather than their monthly salary, extra allowances and comissions awes me. I like these people. People who understand the whole core process of working for something that they’re willing to fight and strive for, other more than money.

Please don’t get me wrong here because I am not playing the blaming game. Those things are pathetically childish.

I am just saying that, money does matters when you enjoy what you are doing. Liking the idea of going to work on a daily basis, creating new and genuine innovations in order to challenge oneself to make brilliant products and services. Inventing surroundings that caters creativity and joyous mood for building careers.

These is what real job are made of. Pure, real and simple.

And later on, I am going to explain to myself why I quit my last job and leave the company at the bosses and businessmen disposal. And once again, not playing the blaming game. This is just like one of those ‘so that you know’ thing.

I think he understands what I'm talking about


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