Besides art, music and movie – Food is also a language well-understood. This is food for your soul.

Sometimes, it is such good idea to run away from all the same things you see everyday and find newsome perspectives. And here I am, pearl island of the orient right here facing the beautiful blue beach. The view is magnifique. The weather is dodgy and soothingly cold. Just the place where I wanted to be right now.

I know that this one won't be long but I am asorbing as much as possible. If only I have sufficient time to be here longer, then I will do exactly that. If only I have sufficient affordability and cash(which I believe won't be much longer now), then I will do exactly that. If only can be such pessimism for some, but optimism too for others. I choose to be both - one and the same.

Well, what is it here, at this briefest of time, at the limitest of affordance, that I can digest for my well being? I can say that for a start, apart from the breezing ocean air, is the ambience of being on an island. Island is such a magical place. Yes, you have the readiness of the open ocean, the long and wide, unlimited possibilities of the strong and powerful sea. It is the feeling of 'unlimited possibilities' that compelled me.

(unlike being in the confined, small, limited, rigid, strict, boring, pressured and tense surrounding of an office space. Ok. Scratch 'space'. There is no 'space', metaphorically speaking)

Then, there are friends. Not new friends or old friends. Just friends, which are close to me that have the same amount of 'unlimited possibilities' but not with infinite proximity. Friends that like you for 'letting go of everything' and 'just care and don't care' for the wat you are. This are wonderful friends. Vibrant. Flexible. Colorful, colorful friends.

In a matter of hours, I am living back home with them. Within the range of less than 24 hours, the mood has change. Not drastically. But apparently.

I will return here. I will be back, grasping and embracing the similar mood, if not – more. I like more of this, even unoftenly. Frankly, I miss being a free spirit. A rebelious self wanting to say and do and express and making things the way you tend it to be. There can be a reasoning for all this and there can not be a reason at all. One way or another, I need to 'in' character back.

Memories are important. Being sentimental and nostalgic are equally relevant. Love drives all.