Early for everything that I like it to be

This is probably the best part of the year. This is the part where the year is about to end and I get to remake myself again for another year. Maybe 10 days from now I will be a new man again and maybe I'll be better. But the most important thing is, things have change a lot since. I need to brand and rebrand myself time and time again. Its been one heck of a year and I'm liking and loving most part of it. Not to forget, historical too!

I can now see myself being the man I am for the next 10 or so.

To all who has been, have been and will ever be out there(and in here) for me, lets work this out together. For this coming days is going to be more beautiful than ever.

And I am going to start by writing daily upon this site of mine. I will consider this a promise, God's Willing. InsyaAllah.