The Untold Truth About SUPERMOKH

A documentary on Malaysian footballing legend Mokhtar Dahari, popularly known as SUPERMOKH, was on National Geographic Channel (Astro Channel 533) at the eve of National Day this year.

Directed by Tang Siang Ching and produced by Loo Shun Ming, tells among others the remarkable story of his life and cause of the late international footballer’s death. Among those interviewed for the documentary is Supermokh’s family members, friends and fans.

Mokhtar was the crown jewel among Malaysia’s golden generation of footballers.

The late Mokhtar Dahari will forever be in the memory of Malaysians. He is one in a million and no one will ever replace him.

Again, I shed my tears. And I cried. Not sadden, not in despair. But with feelings only I can comprehend. Legends LIVES FOREVER