Jumaat, Oktober 15, 2010

Curse of the romantic comedies

I am writing this at over 2am in the morning. And I have to go to work tomorrow. Just finished a movie because that's what I do when I have a new set of laptop that I've been longing to have seen the past couple of years. It was a nice and beautiful movie. It would be a rare thing if it wasn't. I pick my movies well. The movies I see and saw will and always be well. And nice. And beautiful.

Then, usually after a particular movie, be it a movie at the cinemas or a movie through PC (I seldom watch movies on the traditional TV screen. One might ask why), it will usually 'effect' me one way or another.

Along that selected period of revelation today, sms were pouring in.

I like this girl. And I believe she loves me.

But I am still waiting if she really 'wants' me.


Go figure


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