who needs villain when there is enough hero

Isn't it just odd.

It is a small world after all yet people does not realized how much smaller it has become time after time, especially now that the future has catch up upon us. Yesterday was such another example. A fast-breaking outing with a friend or two reveals how much people have not change, being still the same old, same old. From what I've heard, interestingly enough, coming from the same set of people - it does not bother me anymore. I wonder when will they ever grow up being adults and see the world from a different point of view. They, who seldom labeled me as being 'childish', 'immature' and 'not-wise-enough-to-be-in-their-league' has somehow polished the irony. But I am not dealing with this matter anymore further, refusing to comment. Let them be them. I have more pressing and important matters to attend to.

Another outing was way past midnight. Called it sahur if must. Not for some time have I revealed my secrets about long stories and tall tales of triumph and tragedy. Sharing opinions on how I view the world now. Looking at others from different shots. The person whom I am speaking too is trustworthy and matured enough despite her young age. She comprehend it well. Respect is in order. Thank you for being wonderful.

See. No matter what time and place or person one might be, there is no end to thoughts and expression for a better tomorrow.