Ahad, Julai 18, 2010

Idea. Inspiration. Ingeniously INCEPTED!

A back-to-back supreme masterpiece. Coincedence? Irony? Deja Vu? Nope. This is just pure Nolan.

INCEPTION is 'The Matrix' with more mindbending / emotional content - wildly weird and surreal, supersmart, innovative, inventive.

Make no mistake, the action scenes in here are unlike anything you've seen. Nolan juggles upwards of four story lines, while the brilliant cinematographer awes us with surreal slow-motion shots juxtaposed with frantic, perspective-shifting fight scenes, all of which are rooted in a reality we understand and the dream world rules we've come to believe in. These scenes will undoubtedly draw comparisons to 'The Matrix' but the tension and story weight of this movie is even more commandable.

Though it may leave a few lingering questions, it doesn't leave behind any nagging plot holes or character inconsistencies. Its smart writing lets the imagination of the audience come up with the answers. And while we dream about the possibilities, we can only hope that its originality inspires a creative cinematic renaissance that seeks out new ideas instead of re-creating what we've already seen.

A singular accomplishment from a filmmaker who has only gotten better with each film. Another genuine vision by Christopher Nolan. But you guys have to be extra fit to watch this movie, ok?

Kalau tak, jadi sengal tak tentu arah. Serius.

'Even the simplest idea can spin a complex web of possibilities. It grows in the mind, consuming our every thought and invading our hopes and dreams'


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