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Khamis, Julai 29, 2010

SDCC 2010 footage for 'THOR' hits the internet. COME AND GET IT WHILE YOU CAN SEE IT!

( Only for a limited time before it vanishes from the world wide web )

* tekan button PLAY 2x kali sampai nampak button PLAY kaler hijau. OK?

UPDATED - Broken link recovered version

The extended trailer for Marvel’s THOR that won over so many attendees at Comic-Con International (SDCC 2010) has found its way online. It’s so much better than imagined.

It clearly lays out the movie’s plot with Thor banished to Earth, leaving Loki to succeed Odin as ruler of Asgard. Better still, it offers a good look at the Destroyer in action and plenty of extremely beautiful footage.

Now. If we can just figure out how the Infinity Gauntlet fits in.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the epic adventure spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is The Mighty Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans as punishment. Once here, Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, Jamie Alexander and Anthony Hopkins and many more most ensemble and interesting cast.

THOR opens on May 6 of next year.

Rabu, Julai 28, 2010

Superheroes crisis in a full-length DC Universe Online trailer!

It’s been awhile since there's a cool cinematic superhero video game trailer thought all might enjoy. The last was Marvel ULTIMATE ALLIANCE. So, here’s a look at DC Universe Online, the superhero MMORPG out later this year.

It’s six minutes of superheroes and villains slugging it out and it’s the closest thing you’ll probably see to a JLA movie for a while, as DC is currently scrambling to get Green Lantern off the ground, with Flash and Wonder Woman miles away. From what I see, the part where Superman comes back is pretty intense and if you’re wondering like I was why everyone is wearing weird battle armor, that’s kind of explained at the end of this trailer.

It looks GOOD.

Selasa, Julai 27, 2010

THE AVENGERS in all their animated glory!

Featuring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the Hulk! When the planet is threatened by super villains, time-traveling conquerors, alien invaders, mythical monsters or mad robots bent on the total destruction of humanity, when the forces of evil are so overwhelming that no single hero has the power to save the world, when there is no hope left: THE AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

The all-new THE AVENGERS: EARTH'S MIGHTIEST HEROES animated series from Marvel Animation premieres on Disney XD this later this year.

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Rabu, Julai 21, 2010

Isnin, Julai 19, 2010


Sekarang ada 3-4 serangan penyakit yang aku kena lawan. Sakit telinga, sakit badan, sakit kepala dan sakit-sakit rahasia peribadi. Oh! Sakit rahasia peribadi tu dah ada ubat. Cuma kadang-kadang aku tak ambik ubatnya secara regular.

Come to think of it, sama je. Aku ni memang jenis liat nak makan ubat pun.

Ahad, Julai 18, 2010

Idea. Inspiration. Ingeniously INCEPTED!

A back-to-back supreme masterpiece. Coincedence? Irony? Deja Vu? Nope. This is just pure Nolan.

INCEPTION is 'The Matrix' with more mindbending / emotional content - wildly weird and surreal, supersmart, innovative, inventive.

Make no mistake, the action scenes in here are unlike anything you've seen. Nolan juggles upwards of four story lines, while the brilliant cinematographer awes us with surreal slow-motion shots juxtaposed with frantic, perspective-shifting fight scenes, all of which are rooted in a reality we understand and the dream world rules we've come to believe in. These scenes will undoubtedly draw comparisons to 'The Matrix' but the tension and story weight of this movie is even more commandable.

Though it may leave a few lingering questions, it doesn't leave behind any nagging plot holes or character inconsistencies. Its smart writing lets the imagination of the audience come up with the answers. And while we dream about the possibilities, we can only hope that its originality inspires a creative cinematic renaissance that seeks out new ideas instead of re-creating what we've already seen.

A singular accomplishment from a filmmaker who has only gotten better with each film. Another genuine vision by Christopher Nolan. But you guys have to be extra fit to watch this movie, ok?

Kalau tak, jadi sengal tak tentu arah. Serius.

'Even the simplest idea can spin a complex web of possibilities. It grows in the mind, consuming our every thought and invading our hopes and dreams'

Khamis, Julai 15, 2010

Travelog: Dari Jakarta ke Bukit Gambang

Hoho! Sudah sampai masa rasanya untuk aku ceritakan pengalaman-pengalaman dan cerita-cerita menarik aku tempoh hari semasa jelajah Jakarta, langsung saja lanjut ke Bukit Gambang. Di Indonesia memang suatu inspirasi yang di luar dugaan (hendak duga apa?! Aku sendiri tidak pernah ke sana sehinggalah minggu lepas!) Di Pahang, suasana meriah dan sungguh menggembirakan bersama kawan-kawan dan keluarga PTS. Jadi, silalah perhati-perhatikan ruangan ini untuk update terkini dalam masa terdekat. Aku akan kongsi dan share.

Pasti ada yang menggamit tumpuan kenangan. Tidak percaya, lihatlah gambaran preview yang dikepilkan bersama entri ini.

Cukup memancingkan, bukan?

Selasa, Julai 13, 2010

Isnin, Julai 12, 2010

We played our best game. We will once again write the future. NEDERLANDS FOREVER!

Forget about your last match.

Your unbeaten record.

Today, it's all meaningless.

Total conviction takes you to the brink of glory.
We have firepower throughout the squad. Any player can make an impact. When the moment of truth arrives, embrace it: Bleed as One

Write the Future, FOR THE FUTURE IS OURS!

Ahad, Julai 11, 2010


Despite pioneering one of the most brilliant styles of play ever seen in international football, the Dutch National Team has never realized its potential. Additionally, their fans have often seemed more interested in a beautiful showing than actually winning the game.

This year, all that changes.

Today, the Nederlands will need more than brilliant play. They'll need unity, resolve and focus previously unseen in Dutch football. They'll have to give everything they have and sacrifice individual glory for a higher purpose: VICTORY.

If they want to return from South Africa as champions, they have to come together as one and do what no Dutch team has done before.

They'll have to Bleed Orange for the cause.

Jumaat, Julai 09, 2010

Minggu yang panjang malah mengujakan!

Alhamdulillah. Dah selama pun aku sampai semula ke tanahair tercinta setelah tiga hari berkelana ke kotaraya Jakarta demi mencari ilham-ilham baru inspirasi segar. Memang menarik dan ceritanya juga sangat mengisi ruang-ruang bual antara aku dan kawan-kawan aku yang ingin tahu bagaimana rasanya berada di negara orang buat pertama kali.

Tapi itu semua akan aku kongsikan kemudian kelak aku kembali ke KL semua pada hari Isnin ini. Kerana sekarang, aku sedang berada di Pahang untuk company retreat selama tiga hari juga. Juga menjangkakan cerita-cerita menarik.

Memang satu minggu yang panjang malah mengujakan!

Isnin, Julai 05, 2010

Aku berada di kotaraya Jakarta selama 3 hari.

Dari Selasa, 6/7/2010 hingga 8/7/2010, aku akan berada di kotaraya Jakarta selama 3 hari. Ya, aku ke sana kerana tujuan kerja. Kerja profesional dan kerja personal. Jujurnya aku sendiri tidak pernah ke luar negeri, apatah lagi inilah kali pertama juga aku memiliki sebuah buku pasport yang menjadi milikan aku sendiri. Sudah lama aku teringin hendak naik kapal terbang ke luar negeri. Melihat negeri orang, melihat budaya dan tradisi orang, melihat warna-warni dunia orang dan mencari nafas baru dalam pengembaraan hidup. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya dapat juga peluang itu. Aku tidak tahu hendak expect apa selain dari pengalaman baru. Aku akan ambil gambar dan tulis tentang kembara aku ke ibukota Indonesia itu tidak lama lagi. Tidak sabar-sabar lagi rasanya untuk berkongsikan cerita dan pengalaman itu nanti. Ini juga bermakna aku juga akan menonton perlawanan separuh akhir antara NEDERLAND vs URUGUAY di sana. Pasti satu lagi exposure yang mengujakan! Sekembalinya kelak ke tanahair, terlalu banyak yang aku ingin kongsikan buat kalian semua. Cerita dan pengalaman yang belum pernah diceritakan tentang kembara ke tempat baharu yang lain dari bumi sendiri. So ready or not, Jakarta - HERE I COME!

Sabtu, Julai 03, 2010

10 fakta menarik tentang kemenangan klasik NEDERLAND menumbangkan BRAZIL semalam

Ewwaaahh! Abang Sneijder. Bergayanya kedua-dua gol itu.
  1. Hero selalunya dia kecundang dulu. Bagi chance dulu. Lepas tu baru menang. Tambah lagi kalau menang dari belakang. Ingat dah best sangat la tu leading tu. Dah cantik sangat la muka Robinho tu. Keh keh keh.
  2. Budak-budak Milo selalu jaga tepi padang kutip bola. Tapi Brazil dengan sistem bolasepaknya yang terlalu 'advance' telah mengambil mereka main dalam pasukan kebangsaan mereka. Bukan satu, malah dua pemain budak MELO!
  3. Robben gua terang-terang kena pangkah semalam. Budak Melo memang jahat. Tak dapat bola, hamstring diterjahnya. Bekas student Henry Gurney gamaknya. Refree Jepun tu nasib baik tak duduk satu kapal dengan Blatter.
  4. SMS penyokong Brazil yang masuk henset aku masa separuh masa pertama cukup PANAS. Masuk gol penyamaan dah suam-suam tapi masih menggelegak. Masuk gol kedua, senyap. Aku bajet diorang sibuk bancuh Milo.
  5. Pasukan Amerika Latin terutamanya Brazil terkenal dengan sikap ego, emosional dan sentimental bila main bola. Nak menang manjang tak boleh terima kekalahan. Asal kalah, nak ngamuk-ngamuk. Pastu nangis. Tapi malam tadi aku tengok dah ada perubahan sikit. Semua muka pasrah. Cuma sorang budak baju biru nombor 10 tu aje aku tengok mata dia kaca-kaca sikit.
  6. Kaka mana Kaka? Ada nampak Kaka semalam? Mana-mana makwe boleh tolong jawab?
  7. Subkhidin dan duduk rumah dah depan TV layan game sambil minum Milo. Sampai ke sudah tak dapat jadi ref. Jadi pegawai Hublot sahaja. Dia sebenarnya nak jadi ref untuk game ni. Kesian dia.
  8. Gandingan WESLEY SNIPER dan ARJEN ROCKET yang begitu bisa sehinggakan player Brazil buntu mem-provoke mereka. Last-last terprovoke diri sendiri.
  9. Memanjang rekod tanpa kalah kepada 24 perlawanan. Dendam USA '94 dan France '98 kini terlerai sudah!
  10. Outcome game ARGENTINA lawan JERMAN malam ni akan banyak berubah kerana masing-masing cuba mengelak untuk bertemu HOLLAND. HAHAHAW!!

Jumaat, Julai 02, 2010

It's Official: Andrew Garfield to play SPIDER-MAN

The selection of Andrew Garfield as the new movie Spider-Man was revealed Thursday at a press event in Cancun, Mexico for international journalists attending a media tour promoting upcoming films from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Scheduled to be released in 2012.

Garfield was introduced by director Marc Webb and producers Avi Arad and Laura Ziskin.

Have a look at the video highlights from the event.

Khamis, Julai 01, 2010


Mencari Editor baru untuk buku terbitan PTS FORTUNA. Hubungi saya langsung untuk sesi temuduga. Tawaran ini dibuka mulai sekarang buat yang berminat. Terima kasih.

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