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Review: NEDERLAND (2) vs CAMEROUN (1)

One for Huntelaar from Robben. The comeback king is here.

Arjen Robben came off the bench to help the Nederland secure a 2-1 victory over Cameroun that seals top spot in Group E and sets up a last-16 date with Slovensko. Robin van Persie and Klaas Jan Huntelaar were on target either side of a Samuel Eto'o penalty at Cape Town's Green Point Stadium as Bert van Marwijk’s Oranje preserved their unblemished record at South Africa 2010.

With the Dutch already through and the Indomitable Lions consigned to elimination, some might have expected a game lacking in passion and excitement. As it was, any fears of an under-strength Nederland side facing an unmotivated Cameroun proved groundless, with both coaches sending out their strongest 11s in front of a noisy capacity crowd.

The Indomitable Lions were the first to threaten with Aurelien Chedjou twisting into wide space from goal and forcing a solid save from Maarten Stekelenburg after just three minutes. However, Cameroun's early promise steadily diminished and with 19 minutes played, the Nederland should have moved in front.

Captain Giovanni van Bronckhorst split the Cameroun central defenders with a terrific lofted pass for Van Persie but although the Dutch nombor 9 controlled well on his chest, he fired in a tame volley on his weaker foot that Hamidou Souleymanou was able to gather comfortably. But the Dutch were getting closer and after Souleymanou had again been called upon to deal with Rafael van der Vaart's curling free-kick, the unmarked Dirk Kuyt drilled a right-foot effort wide of the far post when he should really have hit the target.

The striker made amends five minutes later however, when he was involved in a slick interchange on the right flank with Van der Vaart and Van Persie that ended with the latter being threaded through on goal. Again, the chance fell to his right foot, but this time the Arsenal striker was deadly, coolly slipping the ball between the legs of the advancing Souleymanou.

The goal was Van Persie's first at South Africa and he might have doubled his tally five minutes into the second half after his pace and powerful running took him clear of the Cameroun defence. This time though, he was not able to outfox the keeper with Souleymanou saving well from his powerfully-struck shot. Van Persie made way for Huntelaar soon after and this change coincided with a switch in the balance of power, as Cameroun took control. First, Samuel Eto'o was denied by an excellent saving challenge from Joris Mathijsen, then Landry Nguemo side-footed just wide and, finally with the best chance of the three, Stekelenburg saved from Jean Makoun's unconvincing effort.

Frustrated from open play, Cameroun finally made the breakthrough from the penalty spot, Eto'o placing an inch-perfect spot-kick high to Stekelenburg's right after Van der Vaart had handled inside the area. However, Van Marwijk still had a trump card to play in Robben and after being introduced for his first taste of this year's World Cup, the Bayern Munich winger provided the inspiration for his side's winning goal.

In a typical display of skill and directness, Robben drove inside from the right, beyond Cameroun substitute Rigobert Song and curled a superb effort against the inside of the post. Fortunately for the Dutch, the ball rebounded fortuitously to another substitute, Huntelaar and with Souleymanou stranded, the AC Milan striker made no mistake with a perfectly placed right-foot shot.

For Arjen Robben, it was the moment he feared would never come. Nineteen days after pulling up with an injury that looked like wrecking his World Cup campaign, the Nederland winger finally stepped on to South African turf, a cacophony of cheers and vuvuzelas ringing triumphantly in his ears.

The crowd’s reaction to Robben’s return said it all. By the hero’s welcome and acclaim they afforded his every touch, neutrals and partisans alike acknowledged the presence of a special player very nearly denied to Africa’s first World Cup. Yet no-one was happier at Robben’s return than the player himself. For the Bayern Munich star, tonight was the reward for almost three weeks of tireless toil to accelerate the healing process, although he admitted that the experience had been worth every second of sacrifice.

For all the Nederland's success during an unblemished Group E campaign, it is clear that Robben has been an uneasy spectator, with Bert van Marwijk left to guard against the winger rushing his return to action. Nonetheless, having come through his opening test with flying colours, the Oranje nombor 11 is a man in a hurry. A starting place is his next objective, and the first opportunity to claim that will come when the Dutch return to Durban for a last-16 tie against the team who shocked everyone today by ousting the world champions.

NEXT: Nederland vs Slovensko!

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Khamis, Jun 17, 2010

EVENT PTS FORTUNA | Siri World Tour 'KARIPAP-KARIPAP CINTA' 2010 berterusan!

PTS Fortuna akan mengadakan program bersama peminatnya di SACC Mall, Shah Alam 19 Jun bersamaan pada hari Sabtu ini.

Editor-editor PTS juga bakal mempromosikan novel 'KARIPAP-KARIPAP CINTA'(KKC) karya Tuan Nazri M. Annuar yang diulang cetak kali ketiga dalam tempoh sebulan.

Menurut Tuan Syafiq Zulakifli, Editor Perolehan PTS Fortuna, sessi pra-ujibakat juga akan diadakan bagi mencari pelakon filem tersebut yang bakal memulakan penggambarannya tidak berapa lama lagi.

Mungkinkah ANDA adalah pelakon KKC yang kami cari?

Pengunjung yang berjaya dalam ujibakat tersebut akan di bawa ke Cinematic - syarikat produksi pengarah tersohor, Tuan Hafsham.

Hadiah-hadiah menarik juga disediakan bagi pengunjung yang bertuah.

Beramai-ramai memeriahkan pesta buku MPH ini bersama dengan PTS Fortuna di ruang legar SACC Mall, Shah Alam pada 19 Jun Sabtu ini dari jam 12.00 tengah hari hingga 5.00 petang.

Rabu, Jun 16, 2010

Sit back, relax and enjoy this brand NEW incredible game trailer. Ooh yeahhh, bebeh!

I’m sure you’ll agree, thats quite amazing. Never before have we seen such an extensive trailer from Konami this early in development. This proves PES has been getting a lot of TLC for while now and despite this game looking really sharp already, they still have 4 months to make it even better!

Below, the press release:

Konami unveils breath-taking trailer that shows the movement and freedom set to make PES 2011 the season’s hottest property

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will show off the breath-taking new animations and player likenesses set to bring its forthcoming PES 2011 title to vivid life as a new gameplay trailer premieres at this year’s E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

PES 2011 is all about freedom of movement, and the new game gives the user total control over their team. The new trailer showcases the sheer level of detail the PES Productions team has included in the new game, with the most realistic inter-player physics around allowing players to use their strength attributes to jostle players off the ball, while the results of over 100 hours of motion-capture sessions is shown as PES 2011’s players effortlessly slip into moves, run off the ball, or close down the opposition. Every aspect of the game’s animation has been reworked, and the result is an amazingly fluid experience.

The new trailer also shows the revolutionary new feint system linking all new tricks and skills together making one-on-one situations key to gameplay and the motion-blur effects used within replays to complement the TV-style presentation prevalent throughout the game, while fans of the South American Copa Libertadores competitions will delights in its inclusion within the new footage. PES 2011 enjoys the most extensive number of gameplay additions, control options, and animations to date – and central to these is an all-new power bar that allows the user to determine the exact strength and placement of passes, shots or throw-ins in the game.

Konami will also use E3 to showcase PES 2011’s new ‘Drag’n’Drop’ tactical system, wherein players can alter the balance or playing style of their side in seconds. The new system gives compete tactical control over every aspect of a performance, even allowing for preset options to play defensively to guard a lead, or to go all-out to consolidate a narrow lead.

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Review: NEDERLAND (2) vs DANMARK (0)

Pandangan lazim namun berseri bilik persalinan pasukan Nederland sebelum perlawanan bermula menentang Danmark di Stadium Soccer City, Johannesburg. Ada nampak jersi aku tu, yang hujung sebelah kanan gambar tu??

Van Bommel dan Heitinga serta rakan-rakan seperjuangan yang lain sedang keluar dari terowong menuju ke padang untuk sessi pemanas badan sebelum game start.

Player-player utama Nederland dan Danmark menunggu dan bersiap sedia masuk ke padang beberapa minit sebelum game bermula.

Kesebelasan utama pasukan kebangsaan Nederland untuk game pertama World Cup 2010 menentang Danmark. Kapten kita yang nombor 5 tu: Gio van Bronckhorst.

Simon Poulsen TER-header bola kebelakang, TER-kena Daniel Agger dan TER-masuk gol. SATU-KOSONG. TER-IMA KASIH.


Game World Cup yang aku tunggu-tunggu dah start semalam. Kita menang. Dua gol. Satu set up gol sendiri yang cukup cantik (yang pertama untuk edisi World Cup kali ini), dan satu lagi gol 5 minit sebelum game abis hasil ketajaman Kuyt setelah try pertama Elia terkena tiang. Bagus budak Elia ni. Dia masuk aje game terus hidup. Kemenangan ini memanjangkan rekod 19 game kepada 20 game berturut-turut tanpa kalah Nederland sejak tahun lepas. Maklumlah, team champion. Ini belum Robben betul-betul fit lagi, ye tak?

Dengan cuaca tengahari yang begitu terik, berpandukan kepada lelehan air peluh di muka-muka player dan entah apa lagi jenis air yang mengalir luar dan dalam, aku dah dapat agak mesti game agak mencabar dan terganggu sikit. Main time matahari rembang pukul 1 lebih kat Afrika, kau gila apa tak senak badan?! Tambah lagi dengan bunyi trompet apekejadah tu. Yang bingit tak tentu arah tu. Kedua-dua team ambik masa nak sesuaikan diri cari tempo. Mujur Nederland yang jumpa dulu. Masuk minit 20, baru nampak gagahnya team oren aku. Baru nampak attack. Time ni Denmark dah nampak resah. Gelisah. Gundah tak sudah. Van der Vaart yang ganti Robben nampak OK. Menjalankan tugas. Bagus. Ada jugak try dia bikin, cuma nasib tiada. First half habis kosong-kosong dengan Nederland bakal menjanjikan sesuatu masuk second half.

Tak sampai berapa minit pun second half start, dah gol. Gol sendiri budak shuffle Denmark mana entah. Poulsen ke apa nama dia. Sedap aje dia header bola tu ke belakang. Lepas tu sengih-sengih, comel la tu konon. Best kot dapat score masa World Cup. Gol sendiri yang pertama. Van Persie yang jadi mastermind gol tu. Tak pasal-pasal Agger pun kena masuk dalam scoresheet jugak. 1-0 untuk Nederland pada minit ke-46.

Lepas tu, Nederland attack terus. Attack., Attack dan Attack. Ada dua-tiga try tu kalau ada luck sikit mesti gol. Van der Vaart punya flick tu biarpun cantik kalau kena gaya boleh gol tu. Van Persie pun kalau dia laju sikit dan tak tergagak-agak depan goalie tu pun boleh tambah gol. Sneijder punya volley manja. Afellay punya chance depan gol. Itu kalau semua masuk tu, mau kena titik Denmark. Denmark, seriously dah mati kutu aku nampak. Mati langkah. Apa-apa hal pun, aku tetap bajet game ni 2-0 since semalam.

Sekali kali lagi diulang, aku nampak potensi pada budak Elia tu. Yang nombor 17 tu. Yang rambut macam Mr.T tu. Laju, ada style, main semangat. Teringat aku kat Edgar Davids. Aku harap scout Chelsea ada tengok ini game. Beli dan ikat ini player masa dia tengah nak naik. Semalam pun ada nampak kelibat Zidane, Platini dan legend Nederland Johann Cruyff sekali. Nampak sangat Nederland bukan calang-calang team setiap kali ada event bola besar-besar macam kat Afrika Selatan ni. Group E ni kita dah makan walaupun baru main satu game. Peluang sebenar bermula nanti bila masuk game second round. Itu pun rasa kacang jugak. Teringin jugak nak tapau Itali nanti kalau dia dok seri atau kalah aje. Ngeh heh heh. Sekarang, baru rasa panas sikit nak tengok bola.

Kelas. Inilah dia calon paling real untuk menang World Cup ini tahun.

Elelelehh. Manjanya dia tuuu...

Isnin, Jun 14, 2010

FIRST GAME: Netherlands Preview

Expectations are always high for the Netherlands. Living up to them has been challenging.

A two-time runner-up, the Netherlands has its sights set on winning its first World Cup title and it begins that quest with a rare game against Denmark today in Johannesburg.

Ranked fourth by FIFA, the Netherlands is lauded for its 'TOTAL FOOTBALL' philosophy and enters every tournament as a favorite. The team is trying to change that in South Africa. Clockwork Orange returned to its dominant ways during World Cup qualifying, winning all eight games and outscoring its overmatched group rivals 17-2. That success is expected to continue in Group E, which includes Japan and Cameroon.

I rate them very high. They are probably one of the best teams in Europe at the moment.

The Dutch, however, were dealt a serious blow when Arjen Robben suffered a hamstring injury in a 6-1 win over Hungary. He has been ruled out against Denmark. Coach Bert van Marwijk said Saturday it was too risky for him to play. He hopes Robben will be fit in time to face Japan in Durban on June 19 and Cameroon five days later.

Van Marwijk said Robben really had only one full workout and he was going to 'take it easy' with him. Robben’s absence will put the playmaking onus on Wesley Sneijder, who has 14 goals in 61 games for the national team, one coming against Hungary. The midfielder is coming off a superb season with Inter, helping it become the first Italian team to sweep the Champions League, Serie A and Coppa Italia titles.

With or without. Shouldn't be a problem.

Sabtu, Jun 05, 2010

Semalam aku cuti bukan sebab sakit atau malas. Aku just cuti sebab cuti.

Semalam aku cuti kerja. Perut aku tidak sedap. Badan aku rasa lemau. Bukan sebab aku sakit atau malas atau buy some time untuk kerja, cuma aku rasa macam tak fit. Tak cukup ampuh nak ke pejabat. Jadi aku ambil tindakan untuk cuti saja dan cuba recover balik segala energy yang ada sepanjang hari. Cari apa saja yang ada untuk kembali cargas 100%. Lately, aku rasa macam padat satu macam. Bukan busy. Sebab aku akan cuba sedaya upaya tenaga aku untuk tidak busy. Kalau aku busy, aku rasa tak ikhlas. Tak best menghadapi dunia. Aku cuma rasa 'padat' dan ya... mungkin sedikit 'sesak'. Aku tidak ke doktor untuk ambil MC dan aku tidak ke farmasi atau kedai ubat untuk beli ubat.

Macam aku cakap tadi, aku tidak sakit. Cuma tidak fit for the day. Zahir dan batin.

Seharian aku telah ke sana dan ke sini untuk bertemu sumber penawar tenaga aku. Aku pergi secara spiritual. Roh aku singgah ke satu tempat. Jasad aku masih melekat di tempat yang lain. Aku cuba bertanya pada diri sendiri, kemanakah nanti akan boleh aku bertemu jawapan tentang apa yang aku lakukan hari ini? Pada siapakah nanti yang aku wajar berkongsi dan memberi habuan dan ganjaran selain ibu, bapa, keluarga dan kawan-kawan rapat aku, isteri dan anak-anak aku? Bilakah masanya perlu aku menambahkan segala isi ilham dan kudrat ini? Mengapakah makin banyak yang aku jumpa, makin banyak pula yang aku mahukan? Soalan makin bertambah, jawapan makin bekurang. Yang berfikiran remeh, akan jawab 'tak tahu'. Tapi aku bukan manusia remeh. Aku tidak suka pada 'tak tahu' dan lebih suka pada 'oh begitu'. Aku juga tidak biasa diamkan diri pada ketidakpastian. Tidak biasa pada ketidaktentuan. Aku suka berjalan dan mencari dan terus mencari jawapan sehingga aku pasti dan sehingga aku tentu hala. Aku bukan pencari sempurna. Malah, aku juga bukan mencari puas. Aku syukur pada yang ada, kerana dengan 'ada' aku di sini.

Jadi, apakah yang aku bikin dan cari untuk mengembalikan fitness itu, cuba kalian teka? Siapa-siapa teka dengan tepat, aku akan bagi satu hadiah istimewa sekali lagi.

As always.

Jumaat, Jun 04, 2010

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