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Universal Designs announces new X2 Wolverine 
Motorcycle Suit. Cigar and side burns are optional.

Now many fans are split as to the leather look for the X-Men movies before. But as a far as motorcycle leathers go, this looks pretty good. Universal Designs has already done a Batman suit and has now partnered with Marvel to bring Wolverine's suit to the streets. To ensure precise detail, Marvel provided UD Replicas with access to the Wolverine suit worn on-screen in X2: X-Men United.

They're not done with just Wolverine and Batman. This is also part of their announcement.

Under its multi-title license with Marvel, UD Replicas also announced today that it is in development on an extraordinary leather replica of Tony Stark’s Mark V Suitcase Suit that will be seen in Marvel’s eagerly anticipated IRON MAN 2, which will be released soon this month. Here is what sources had to say:

“We’re putting our creative senses to work like we’ve never done before. We’re going to mold and shape the leather to replicate the beautiful bevels and hard angles of the Mark V suit. We’re making the leather look like metal and doing things we never thought would be possible.”

UD Replicas is working furiously on its motorcycle-suit version of the IRON MAN 2 Mark V Suitcase Suit, which it plans to unveil in time for the film’s debut.

The company is also partnering with Disney to do a Tron Legacy light cycle outfit.

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