IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Motion Comic Trailer *(updated with STARK EXPO showreel!)

Hello, fanboys everywhere! Check out the trailer for the brand new IRON MAN: EXTREMIS Marvel Motion Comics based on the story by Warren Ellis and superstar artist Adi Granov, prior to the upcoming IRON MAN 2 movie.

Available on iTunes this Mid-April 2010. And, here are more EXCLUSIVE releases from them:

Head on over to WonderCon 2010 sooner this year and they'll be giving away the new IRON MAN 2 mini-poster above, featuring Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Supplies are said to be limited however, so bring a blunt object to whack and hit rabid fans and steal their shit if need be.

With IRON MAN 2 a little more than a month away, get ready for a bountiful barrage of awesomeness! It opens April 28, 2010. Until then, set your saucers on this latest ALL-NEW poster before it hits theaters.

Also, check this out too!