All Star Dark Knight, Boy Wonder in 2011.

So THAT's why he was the "Goddamn Batman!"

At the DC Nation Panel today at WonderCon in San Francisco, Frank Miller and Jim Lee's ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN THE BOY WONDER was officially announced as over. However, a couple of twists were added on as well.

First, it was announced that comic is actually part of Frank Miller's THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS universe. The harder Batman, the DCU in fast decay, it matches up quite well. In light of that news, Miller and Lee's next project together was announced: DARK KNIGHT, BOY WONDER.

DARK KNIGHT, BOY WONDER will fall in that same universe and will be written by Miller and drawn by Lee. It will be a six-issue series, and will not start until February, 2011. On DCU Blog, Lee said, The February 2011 start date was chosen to ensure that the comic would ship regularly and on time. Little else was said about the series, but promises of more information in the intervening months were made.


nuriazam berkata…
Goddamn interesting! I like Frank Miller bery much! Hope one day i'll be goddamn good in storytelling like that cool guy!
faizalmukhtar berkata…

goddamnmit! let us pray be that one dauy mr.frank miller and mr.jim lee will also finish his work on time.

at least, for this next time around.
gayour berkata…
tak ada yang menarik! yang pasti diorang puluh buat duit banyak2 dengan projek ni pasal peminat giler tak ingat sangat la kononnya pasti membeli komik ni. misi sebenar "batman dan robin" berjaya! pak cik kayoooo!

nyeah!nyeahh!nyeahhhh! the joker ketawa pasal ada share dalam projek ni.
faizalmukhtar berkata…

Eh??! Lu bila lagi nak abiskan Porong dengan gua?