Isnin, Februari 22, 2010

D*&%$. Probably the best movie theme song of all-time, bebeh! Seriously.

Original music score composed by Harold Faltermeyer and guitar by Steve Stevens in the 1986 superhit 'TOP GUN'. The opening score itself charges up and gives goosebumps. It became a motivation for some of the people at that time to join the profession of arms in search of adventure, thrill and 'glamour'. Can't forget how this movie and Tom Cruise became a rage. This was the quotient to sway an entire generation of youth the world over.

Oooh. I really, REALLY miss the 80s so very much.

p/s: All this was possibly inspired after just watching that Sudirman Special on TV2 late midnite. And he's one great entertainer, I tell you. My childhood came alive by that and this and some other many things up till 3am in the morning!


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