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CONFIRMED: Aziz M. Osman next film is a live-action adaptation of the animated TV serial KELUANG MAN. Starring Nabil of Raja Lawak, shooting will begin April 2010.

KELUANG MAN was the result of the 52 episodes sub-sequential season run that was produced for a slot at TV1. Then, almost all of us forget his shadowy and bleak origins.

Well. Here I am to tell you just that and how I find this story of a local comic book animated hero... inspiring.

There are several locally made animated programmes on TV which many of us probably made no attempt to watch because we've already decided that they are not up to the standards of Disney or other western productions.

True. Especially when we talk about technology and state-of-the-art equipment which we definitely can't afford(yet). And when we eventually make the attempt to watch Usop Sontorian and happens to catch an episode that is not very entertaining, we then arrive at the verdict that local animation is not worth watching. But being a curious and hopeful viewer, I stand preserved and optimistic. Came Keluang Man, aired over RTM at 7pm every Saturday. I am glad I did watch it all. It came up despite numerous short comings, including the absence of trained and experienced animators.

At a glance, Keluang Man may give the impression that it is 'aping' Batman - First, because keluang is a bat species; Second, our 'hero' is wearing a Batman-like costume minus the bat logo/insignia plate on his chest. But believe me, that's as far as it goes and not without a logical explaination. You see, Keluang Man is a mental patient who wants to be a hero just like Batman. Obviously it must be this illusion of himself that lands him in the hospital. In his quest for adventure, Keluang Man would give the warden the slip to perform his heroic duty. In an episode that I saw, Keluang Man is summoned to Kelantan to be tested by a bomoh with magical powers. What is interesting is that Keluang Man is no superhero. He is an ordinary man who gets knocked about, runs when chased by a tiger or crocodile but eventually wins not by the strength of rippling muscles(which he does not have, by the way) but by chance and because he has a good heart.

Until now, that remain my favorite episode yet. I hope they bring the Bomoh too as the main villain on the big screen. That will make the movie having an ultimate touch, ala Chris Nolan BATMAN BEGINS or Brian Bendis ULTIMATE MARVEL. Hehe! I can already sense some fans out there crying foul ; )

Keluang Man was created as such because the creator did not want children to idolize the character the way they do to Batman and Superman. We have heard about children jumping from tall building trying to emulate and fly like Superman. But we don't think they would want to be like Keluang Man who comes from a mental hospital as well.

Whatever is rational, I find Keluang Man so much fun in its concept and very entertaining.

And a live-action movie of it --- would be spectacular!

p/s: Click HERE to know what wiki knows.


azhar berkata...

serius ke ni bro?

cayalah keep on coming on latest news on Keluangman..


faizalmukhtar berkata...


serious as i ever be ;)

will keep you guys posted for any insider or spoilers! jangan risau.

JaNgGuT CiPuT berkata...


yan rizal berkata...

Keluang man versi pertama tu ada kah yg sampai episode 30..kalau ada share linknya ya

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