Do you feel lucky, punk?!

For (those) people who fail to see the whole idea and concept, it is such a pity. I wish I can be upset but I am trying very hard not to. I can now see its completely preposterous. My intention was of pure and sincere in nature. But then came perception upon perception which beckons to attack me fast and swift. Forgetting the time that wasn't easy. Given new time and a fresh opportunity, I believe we can both work out things just fine or even more, better.

Grateful, thank god there are friends who guard friends with armor made of wit and shield with honor. They utter of the truth. They never conceal any knowledge that was meant to be mine. They uncover sinister plans to abandon good deeds. They made me think twice of decisions and again, another twice or thrice. These are fine men. They are ultimately honest about giving and knowing what is best for me. Today they have proven themselves worthy.

All for one and one for all.

The perpetrator is still out there at large, on the loose and out in the open. One day, I am going to take out all this stupid silly thing and concentrate on things far more 'beneficial'. You can now be safe but not without sound.


lobak oren berkata…
Faizal please pick up the phone.

I really need those stuffs back.
faizalmukhtar berkata…

...did u called?
lobak oren berkata…
yes i did lah.
Many times already, so please please,
i need the stuffs back
faizalmukhtar berkata…
call me again.