perfecting 2010.

It’s anew year already.

And for every New Year coming, I will strongly try to make this as un-clicheable as possible.

Un-clicheable. I’m not even sure if that’s a word.

2009 has been a year for me where everything has been on its rightful placement. Things come, things go. Things achieved. Things missed. And the list goes on and on. I’ve learnt a lot. And I do mean… a lot. Meet friends. Old ones and new ones. Testing times and some good times. But I wonder still, why does all this sounds ‘familiar’. Am I stating the obvious here, again just like all the same person out there who is reviewing the total 365 days that was?

I am. Am I? Scratch all that.

Let us be honest to each other now. As a writer, it is a very distinctive advantage to traffic in fiction when the time calls for it. Well life is a fiction in its own special and unique way. Compelling and original. My life and yours can be different, can be much of the same but can never be similar. When I talk of mine, I will attempt to make it as private as possible. A secret that remains hidden close and deep within. But some secret are too apparent that even the biggest ones are so distinguishable.

That’s the most prevalent thing I discovered throughout 2009. My life is an open book for those who discern and been on familiar ground with me. For that, I credit my thanks to you all for a great year. You people read me well.

I will be continuing to write life. Making word by word an interesting one. Sentences that ascend towards that sense of exceptional accomplishment and achievement.

2010. You just watch me go with expectations.