I am now home away from home. But still, home is home.

It’s been a while since I last wrote something decent here. As in decently long linings of how I genuinely feel about my daily life, in and out. Well as of tonight, I do have that privilege to say a thing or two or perhaps even more. And of course I would like to somehow share it to all the people who continuously never cease to read and follow this blog. Thank you ( I couldn’t say it more often now, can I?).

Here I go.

For the citizens out there who wishes to get on the loop, I am now 55 days old a formally hired, salary paid month-by-month, so called 9 to 5 scheduled, office based load with work and task, member of staff, officially employed worker of the working class world again. In simple words: Yours truly is no longer jobless. Four plus months of freelance and no where is just enough I guess. Not that I never been out of work more longer than that. It is just that it is the right time to be ‘on the right and accurately precise track’ once more.

Where am I effectively operational right now day to day, some of you might ask? For a start, it’s a sweet place. The atmosphere here is marvelous, friends are excellent, sources and resources are abundant. But the most important thing is I think will like this for a while.

Books just make me at ‘home’.

I can safely say for sure that it is a place where exactly I wanted me to be. Welcome back, me.