Jumaat, Disember 04, 2009

Hear ye Hear ye! SIEGE is now upon us.

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at SIEGE #1, from the chart-topping team of superstars Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel. This is the end of the Marvel Universe as you know, but what’s the price of victory? The comic book event seven years in the making begins here as every major Marvel character gets involved in the greatest assembly of heroes and villains you’ve ever seen!

Norman Osborn’s endgame is revealed as the Marvel Universe finds itself irrevocably changed and not everyone survives. No comic book fan can afford to miss this SIEGE.

Pre-Order now only at KEDAI KOMIK™ ONLINE

Here's a 6-page preview of SIEGE

The 4-connecting SIEGE Special Edition variant cover preview by Joe Quesada.


gayour berkata...

"This is the end of the Marvel Universe as you know..."

another jokes, right?
assemble, fight, reunion and fight each other again, i kill you, you kill me, new team, new leader,new vilain (uuu... so scary!), back again with new power from the dead (uuu...), assemble, lost his/her memory, new univers, new bikini,new hero, new losers and the list goes on and on...

killkillkill, diediedieeee!

what the frag!

faizalmukhtar berkata...


Jadi lu on la nak order komik ni? Berapa naskhah nak?? Dalam 14 tahil cukup?

Maxis berkata...

Waduh.... I don't have the energy to follow any major events anymore. Letih, I think I should rest for a while... sticking to trade paperbacks. :)

faizalmukhtar berkata...


good for u maxis!

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