Jumaat, Oktober 23, 2009

Penunu Bunsen.

The point of all this happening right here, right now is inevitable. I know that I have been in far more complex and difficult situation before. But the condition I am experiencing currently is rather 'testing'. There is no such thing as unwillingness when you are tested. God's will, it has to happen sooner or later. And my 'later' have just now becoming 'sooner'. Good to have a sense of realization. Mysterious thing about this sort occurrences is you won't know how long it will last. Or when it will end. Or even begun. Confusing, no. Just... 'testing'.

So many versions. So many multiplicity. So many possibilties. So many ifs. So many alternations. So many you and so many me and so many us.

I refuse to rest my case. Got to have the right level of thinking. Embracing logic isn't enough. Rationals is in place. Pick it up and slap it on somewhere, sometime. Hard? Difficult? Tiresome? Impossible? Be ahead. Be true.

Be sensible.


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