Selasa, Oktober 13, 2009

Faizal Mukhtar take on the upcoming SIEGE... and beyond.

Olivier Copiel promo art for The Siege. The definitive story that will end the whole long Marvel event trilogy for the past half decade -

Marvel's Siege is a mini-series as well as a crossover event that will spill over into the Avengers titles and possibly several solo titles that feature prominent Avengers as well. There will be tie-in issues and the 'New Avengers' and 'Dark Avengers' issues will be essential but those issues will include a lot of fun payoffs for a lot of characters. Including characters that people have been wondering about, like Norman Osborn, Sentry and Ares. Just like Secret Invasion, Marvel is going to flip over all of their cards and show you everything. They're not going to end 'Dark Reign' and leave us wondering, 'What happened to that guy? And what happened to this guy?' like they always do. They will definitely be going to turn everything over. I think people were satisfied by the way Marvel did that in Secret Invasion. As a fan, it's what I like to see. And that's definitely what they're going to do.

In addition to a story that's immense in scope, with an A-List artist like Olivier Copiel, Siege readers will also get some extra features as well. There's going to be some special feature back matter ala DVD extra material in the back of the Siege issues, as well as the tie-in issues of the Avengers titles. So, the issues are going to be packed.

They'll have back-up stories, text pieces, or whatever is appropriate to accentuate what's going on in the book itself. It's going to be one beautiful package.

When Siege hits stores in January, it will bring the curtain down on Marvel's running Dark Reign storyline while also serving as a bookend to some of early Avengers related work like Avengers: Disassembled and Secret War. According to my observation, Siege has been in the works since about Avengers: Disassembled started in 2004. When it would happen and where was up for grabs. There was some discussion about whether it would happen before or after Secret Invasion but once Dark Reign was set, everybody else would probably said, 'Hold off on Siege. Dark Reign needs to be a part of it.'

So, Siege needed to fit with the way Marvel is right now. We knew that after Dark Reign, we'd be headed towards a different Marvel Universe and Siege is the beginning of that.

Don't say I did not warned you.

p/s: Watch the bootleg trailer over at KEDAI KOMIK™ EXTRA vlogsite

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