Rabu, Oktober 07, 2009

Doogie Howser MD officially invented blogging in my record books. 'NUFF SAID!

There is nothing like a good weekend strolling freely in any given bookstore, leisure reading and relaxing thru the day while enjoying every bits and pieces of it. And the week before just rapidly runs towards last Saturday and Sunday, so I realized my weekdays is not like many. Usually my weekdays are combos of weekends and weekdays. While my weekends are combos of work and no work. Of late, that's about it.

After a brief meeting with a friend's friend and lunch with a friend, I walk on looking for a breather. Its got to be the bookstore. The bigger they are, the better. Means; more books, more space to roam around, more time to read and of course, more accidental and perpetual ideas. It has been days since I last walk out of my place. Being 'locked-in' is such an unpleasant but disciplinary must for my line of so-called 'profession'. Especially if you're the only one making decision when to start or stop work and nobody around to be angry or furious because you had too many breaks in between. Deep inside, I know it will soon end. Just cherishing the moment as it lasts.

So, more often that not I also stumbled upon some rare hidden treasure and never before seen browsing material.

Like this one for instance.

Looks like a book written by Mr.Neil Gaiman, seems like the cover is smudged Mr. Dave McKean but in actuality... it is 100% Made in Malaysia! Kind of shocking to see a graphic novel at Borders comic book section priced at RM19.90 and in tip top shape.

Good reviews here by fellow comic enthusiast Kaleon and Rizal Solomon. Would like see more work and project like this. MANTERAMEN... ready for another round of battle cry!?

p/s: Also recommeds those couples out there to drag their partner / girlfriend / boyfriend / pakwemakwe / tunangan orang / laki dan bini to watch 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. It's a limited release so better be swift. One of those beautiful sleeper movies that no one cares about but once you'd seen it, that you'll probably know what I am bragging of.

It is THAT good.


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