Sabtu, September 05, 2009


Here's the plot :

After resigning, a British secret agent (think James Bond) is kidnapped and taken to an unknown location, where he is to be known only as Number 6. The authorities subject him to a series of psychological challenges designed to break his will. Later discovering he's a captive there, 'The Prisoner' or Number 6 encounters 'friends' from the outside, who may have found a means to escape this unknown place called the Village.

One of the most memorable classic TV series, the opening and closing sequences of 'The Prisoner' have become significantly iconic. Cited as 'one of the great set-ups of genre drama', it establishes the Orwellian and postmodern themes of the series. A high production values have led the opening sequence to be described as more like film than television. It created an enduring phenomenon, partly because it remains open to continual reinterpretation. In addition, the allure of Number 6's stubborn refusal to reveal his motives for resigning and his efforts to escape from the mysterious 'Village' persists, not least because his symbolic battle against faceless state power is as potent as when the show was first devised.

The story incorporates a number of other elements that have helped it retain its popularity back then. The setting of 'The Village', populated by a multi-racial and submissive population of ex-intelligence operatives, is as mysterious as the forces running it. The use of numbers instead of names adds a further level of intrigue, while catchphrases like I am not a number, I am a free man, Who is Number One? and Be seeing you enable fans to interact with the series by 're-purposing' snatches of its dialogue. The series was also greatly helped by the location with its bizarre jumble of architectural styles. The series evolved from a straight forward mystery into something far less easily described. In its increasingly elaborate attempts to get inside the mind of Number 6, the Village administration resorts to drugs and hypnosis, a move reflected in increasingly bizarre plot lines and the use of psychedelic imagery. However, the carefully constructed menace of The Village is continually undermined by the show's use of music, including snatches of nursery rhymes and performance from the lead actor that suggests Number 6 finds his incarceration little more than a joke.

Now, for those firm and true believers out there, you may now spot the (in)differences. Penjahanam!

2009 \ AFTER

1967 \ BEFORE

p/s: Nik punya versi remake hari tu dia ada cerita kat aku. Dia nak bikin apa akan jadi kat tahanan ISA pada tahun 2020 selepas kita mencapai status negara 'maju' di bawah No.1 yang baru. Lantak kau. Aku tak campur.


gayour berkata...

"I'm not a number I'm a free man
Live my life where I want to
You'd better scratch me from your black book
Cause' I'll run rings around you"

the prisoner
iron maiden
(the number of the beast}

faizalmukhtar berkata...


...Iron Maiden is from the British Isles.

Gua yakin mereka fan juga.

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