The sharp crossroad.

Its raining outside. Gut so cold.

Almost shivered and froze my fingers. Still thinking about what comes next after tomorrow. Yeah, I know. I know. The 'now' is more important that the 'before' or the 'after'. But I need to solidify things every now and every then. The future is gray the way I see it today. It used to be pure 'white'. It used to be solid 'black' too. But 'gray'. It's hard to deal with gray. I'd be lying if I did not say this out loud. Friends heard. Family sense. It's puasa month and there is a more greater and graver feeling than being hungry or thirsty. The emptiness leaves a void deep. Broad and deep. It's frightening once I have a glimpse of it.

I am again stuck in that intersection.

The sharp crossroad.

And the rain and the cold and the void isn't helping me at all.