'Rashomon' film art

How can you be a devoted film fan and still show off your love of movies without looking like a child? Well, you will have to make sacrifices. There’s really no way to hang up that STAR WARS or LORD OF THE RINGS poster in your living room while people comes to your house during Hari Raya or social-gatherings like kenduri and stuff and not come off as a little kid unless you directed that movie (and even then you got some explaining to do jugak kan?).

The solution: find classic, beloved films and either get the original poster or find some gifted artist's take on the film and the poster they made for it. Online as usual, I stumbled on a giant pile of incredible poster collection today by one artist Kent William's poster for the restoration of Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon. If Williams’ art looks familiar, it is perhaps because he also did the art for the beautiful graphic novel version of Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain.

If only I can just get this piece. It’s gonna be classing up my room once it get framed. It’s supposed to be a limited run.

Thank you Matt Goldberg and Joblo

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