Einstein should have lived longer to explain this theorem to us all. I am in no position to do so. Unless you can understand it yourself

Nobody will know for sure what is in you unless you tell them the real thoughts you wanted to get across. I, in the other hand choose to do so only when the TIME really calls for it. Precision is important. Not saying that I prefer to be boundly dramatic about this matter but at a certain selected occasion or events in life, timing can be everything. One second you don't comply nor react, then its all over for you. The second second won't be as same as the first second. An alternate reality will promptly re-create itself a brand new choice for us. Meaning that, either you tell them or not, at any given time, if the opportunity does not appear to be relevant, automatically it will become indefinitely meaningless.

This is purely theorical, and also practical in so many of us.