Apa kes ni, brader ??

Paul Tassi beri maklumat ini pada gua :

" For most of yesterday, I was trying to think of what the Na'vi reminded me of while watching the AVATAR trailer. It was on the tip of my tongue, then suddenly, I started seeing it pop up in comments everywhere.


That's right, the movie that you never heard of until after it set the record for the worst opening weekend in history, grossing a mere $511,920 despite wide release in 2,160 theaters. The comparisons of AVATAR to DELGO have been floating around the internet for the past 24 hours now but now someone actually sat down and decided to make a visual side-by-side comparison of the two. The results are pretty damn conclusive and practically warrant a likeness lawsuit from the lowest grossing movie ever to be filed against the director of the highest grossing movie ever. How’s that for irony?

Check out some of the undeniably similar comparisons below and click on them HERE for even more. "

Ah, sudah. Ni baru tunjuk trailer-nya sahaja.

AVATAR. The upcoming James Cameron film


azhar berkata…
damn! tak leh tgk pulak!
faizalmukhtar berkata…

sebab tu kalau ke blog gua kena cargas... semanya barangan exclusive. Kalau tau, dia cepat ghaib begitu sahaja.
Nazim Masnawi berkata…
Not impressed by this at ALL.
faizalmukhtar berkata…

gua pun ada terasa sedikit over-hyped.