: 9.58 secs - He did it again.

At first, rival Tyson Gay suggested that Bolt's 100m record was within his grasp but Bolt dismissed the claim and instead noted that he was more interested in Asafa Powell's return from injury. The final was the first time Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay had met in the season and the American ran 9.71 seconds, just 0.02 off Bolt's world record run in Beijing. However, Bolt finished some distance ahead of Gay, improving the world record to 9.58 seconds to win his first World Championship gold medal.

Taking over a tenth of a second off the previous best mark, this was the largest ever margin of improvement in the 100 m world record since the beginning of electronic timing.


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a true drug-free athlete. and i thought he was muslim. nearly mate.
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sebab nama dia usain? d'oh.