Isnin, Julai 06, 2009

I wander to far and strange places, far stranger to my own wanderings.

You know how people said that they're always tired and bored to death of repeating and doing the very same thing every day ? Well, I'd been in that area. Seemingly enough, one has to get out in order to survive and strive for the better. And so I quit my first real job to other one(s). And the latter leads me to another ceasing. And so, I thought that would eventually end. Point is it's not the work or the job that keeps me tired and being bored all the time. Perhaps maybe the time-framings and salary dis-coordination. But, that also, was not the case. I wander on to pursue solving this so-called 'problem' and came to a standstill a while back.

What am I looking, for which is better, more preferable and much much comforting than a regular appointment working in an office on a day by day basis without counting the weekends but pays handsomely and at the same time satisfyingly 'suits my taste' and needs is painstakingly hard. Struck me dumbfounded.

Up to this very point : None. At one time before, I felt I was there but I am not there yet. Even at the brink, I was pushed aside by my own unconsciousness. Still human, I kept looking and searching. Experimenting and testing. Using and abusing. Such waste.

Wonder how long will this take... again. I wish can say that I'm 'tired' or 'bored'. I know how. I can now.

And that will just complete the irony, isn't it ?


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