Khamis, Julai 30, 2009

The dreaming soliloquist

Where it all started.

I can still clearly remember how I acquired my dream job. Some might think of it as a tad too soon. But others would think of it, exactly on time. This fine pic above is where the dream unfolds. A sweet little corner at the office, surrounded by budding comic book creators and fun filled passion makers. It was one of those cornerstones of my career and the feeling was beyond magnificent. Nothing really can compete the sheer feeling when you're driving your passion on top speed. And what super-drivers we are.

There's an otai rockatoonist legend who sat just beside my workstation and can't stop rumbling and rambling about stuff and things, even so the moment does'nt require such rumblings and ramblings. He likes to do it just for kicks.

There's a stride solid brotherhood just in front of me, inside that glassed-aquarium like room which was filled with extreme banters of ideas and inspirations. We used to make great ideas and inspiration work while other people chose to digress the notion of it.

There's the past time and free time leisure and activities like parking lot football and DIY karaoke sessions that can automatically re-generate and re-ignite your braincells when you're... well, 'brain dead' every now and then.

There's even the occasional company and comfort of colleagues around me, and I don't really have to say it out loud which side of the social construct of gender I like the most. I was even close in meeting the love of my life there. Very-very-very close.

Good times indeed.

And that time moved on. I moved on to go on further uncharted and unpredestined territorial dreamscapes. I made steps even me myself wasn't even sure where it was leading up to. But I do know that it was and still... 'leading up'. How much further and far it is, and that, even I can't say. Like they always say: It's not the destination that counts anymore, it's the journey.

But, I believe today, I have made a pitstop. Brief and quick, long and lenghty it may can perhaps be, god knows all the 'when, was and will'. For me, good times eventually would surely come again. I need a rest now. Maybe I am having too much of a fun that I somehow neglect to preserved some commitment in seriousness. Maybe I did do so before but the level was not par enough with the ongoing situation at hand. Time to clean and polish up the act once again.

Dream job. Good times. Moving on to the infinite frontiers of my so-called 'working life'.

Isn't that nice and neat to ponder while you're dreaming away in the real world today? I am taking notes now. And I am not to cease taking notes before and after. Noted? Noted.

Making that come back.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

malasla nak baca tulis english, hesh...PPSMI dah mansuh la encik

Nazim Masnawi berkata...

Now that's more like it. Tak seniman la tulis gua-lu, gua-lu ni.

faizalmukhtar berkata...


bahasa itu kan melambangkan bangsa, dan kita kan kini menuju bangsa internasionalis.

faizalmukhtar berkata...


'gua-lu gua-lu' tu is just an allegorical provocateurism. Pleasing people ain't just my forte i guess. aheh!

Nazim Masnawi berkata...

Yeah, but it doesn't sound like you, it sounds like somebody yg, I dunno, hilang punca?

faizalmukhtar berkata...


No secret that so many people emulates him... even gua kan?? Haha!

im just experimenting by assimilating and absorbing with Pipi's vibe. Its so-very tempting, yo! Will be back with my sound soon enough.

Nazim Masnawi berkata...

"No secret that so many people emulates him... even gua kan?? Haha!"

Yeah, but they're not legitimate writers like you, guy. Have some pride a lil'. And why the hell do you want to experimenting with Pipi's stuff anyway? If you want to do that, then try on something more obscure and unpopular; challenge your readers. Itulah kerja artis. Your seniman ass should know better than that.

faizalmukhtar berkata...


point taken.

now, get online! more to things to reckon with...

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