DARK SHADOW comic is NOW online !

DARKSHADOW ONLINE COMIC is a free online comic by NIEZAM. This version will be updated as the series ensure every week or every two weeks or every month per panel depending on his schedule. He loves comic form and function, thus this is the only way at the moment for him to draw comic. Here's what he has to say according to his blog:

" FINALLY! After a long delay... a comic series I'm creating for online reading are ready to read. It's free and will be updated per panel every week. If my schedule is too packed and busy... it will be a panel for every 2 weeks, or perhaps even a month. This online comic is a prequel to something I'm gonna do personally, another comic with a dark superhero in 'Steam Punk' style. This will be in a real comic book form and only will available online for a limited sale. I have to do this way because I don't have enough fan to sale the book and no money. Hmmm... hopefully! "


Niezam berkata…
Hey! Thanks Faizal for the promo. I know my comic art is not so popular but I really wanted to do this with you especially my English is so bad. Since you are so busy, and I cannot wait to upload the first three panel without you, sorry again. Got more planning for this.
faizalmukhtar berkata…

the comic book medium is a universal medium... anyone can enhjoy and understand it freely without the constraint of its language barrier.

ahaha! im not busy. just occupied with life.