Calling people from ComicLand. Read this sucka...


This is something I picked up from Mr. Troy. He said that the 'I’m waiting for the trade' syndrome at Kinokuniya or Borders or any big household bookstores has become almost as familiar as a part of the comic-reader lexicon nowadays. Now, that costs for single issues have begun to jump from RM12.60 to RM16.80 per issue at Comics Corner SS15 Subang Jaya or over at Mind Shop Centrepoint Bandar Utama or other surviving comic book shops in KL for any selected DC and MARVEL COMICS, it’s almost certain that we’ll hear that song with greater frequency. However, that begs one larger question: When you wait for the trade, do you ever actually get the trade? I know quite a few people that are trade loyalists. They’ll get FABLES, they’ll get the recently-departed 100 BULLETS . . . they’ll get a number of titles. And yet, they’re content to take the several months between installments so that they can get a larger chunk of story at once. That's IF they'll make it into a tradepaperback - IF.

Nevertheless, there’s a flipside to that. Some weekly shop-goers like myself will move some of my ongoings to 'trade wait' status and probably would never go back. Sure, the intention is there. But other weekly books supplant it, budget concerns creep in and that trade-waited series gets remaindered to the 'don’t read' category.

So, here are my questions: when you trade-wait, do you actually go back? Is there one that you’ve been meaning to get in all good faith but just never get back to? If you try both, which works better for you: the weekly shop visit, or waiting for the trade?

Let’s hear them all, guys. This is important for my up-and-coming comic book shop project.

P/S : And yeah, it's official. We won't be having any FREE COMIC BOOK DAY like the previous years before.
I've double-checked already. Gawat kot. Sorry.


NiK! berkata…
I'll wait for the trade diligently with no spoilers beforehand.

That means sometimes going 3-4 years before I get to read The Ultimates or Grant Morrison's X-Men or Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men.

It makes for better reading of story arcs but the long wait means its only for the loyal lah...

kalo tak tahan sgt korang download ah....tak rugi duit!
faizalmukhtar berkata…

*&^$!!! ...gua paling pantang kalau ada kutu download komik! ini ke cara tulus kau dapat lencana kolektor sejati??!