Rabu, April 08, 2009

out of distraction

This has been rather disarming. I am way off my sleeping hours and still not aware that it is not helping my progressional endeavor - at all. Having a schedule in my head is not helping at all. Not because I have trouble remembering things, it is just that maybe I am a well-timed ignorant. To procrastinate and to contemplate, a habit that many of us have but also many of us would like to fall away. Bear in mind that all beings are equals. They live. And later or sooner they die. But to be permanently dysfunctional when time order you to be functional is completely painful. It can be condemning, may also be frustrating. Of course, all this is me metaphorically speaking. Take work for instance. You wake up on weekdays, take that cold shower or quick bath, put on your attire suited for your profession(if you’re a professional), drive or commute using the public transportation and of course ‘cruising’ through the massive flood of other professionals in the morning, arrive at work, do your stuff, lunch, work again, small and not-so-small talks with your mates, getting back from work, chill with your friends or family, go to sleep and getting back to step one all over again when tomorrow comes. Now, that’s routine. No matter how much you tried to make things different, to get out of the bandwagon, to be uncommon, I personally feel that; in the modern world we’re living in today, this discourse can be rather controverse. Billions other dreamed the same dream. Billions other think the same thought. Billions other knows the same knowledge. Yes, I am riffing out of range again. Don’t pardon me. Pardon my sentiment for speaking out so loud off-order. Can’t help but to be blatantly honest and brutally true. We are all immobilizing the similar contraption using the identical route that everyone has been using for so long. But now hear this too. There is a chance in tranquil. We can afford to make our way through that long, winding road in history by just being ourselves.The question is not ‘how’ and ‘when’. Or ‘why’, for that matter. Wish it can be ‘who’. But that’s not entirely it either. ‘What’ is also too strictly subjective. Even I could not understand the principle. Rules do not apply here. There is no conditional agreement. Only a feeling out of distraction.


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