Selasa, April 28, 2009

DAY 8 : Pee Wee and Carrot Top can share my thoughts and feelings.

I think I am neither of the above. Still a premature or to be exact, amature. A well known fact that I choose to ignore by option. A peculiar rationale. An actor knows how to act on and off the set. An entertainer knows how to entertain when and where he or she requires to do so. And there's the performer, who will of course perform up to a certain feature where rarely an actor or an entertainer can achieve.

P.Ramlee is a perfomer.

Chow Sin Chee is a performer.

Rajinikanth is a performer.

Johnny Depp, De Niro or Christian Bale is your archetypical Hollywood performer.

I have lost my place in this arena. Forget the act. Forget the entertainment. But there's a performance all right. I am more of a joke. And I can see everybody clearly-apparently laughing and giggling out loud in silence. FYI, it's not the comedy or humour that tickles them.

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