The Serious and The Dangerous. This is how the people have got to their true form. By being you and me.

By now, some of you people might have known that TIME is only metaphorical allegory of our life without the substance of feeling and emotions. When people have certain targets and particular objectives, they tend to challenge themselves towards that single or multiple aim of direction.

Take myself for instance. Falling for the same trap over and over again without knowing the fact that it will eventually be less important that it has already was in the end. Work is just work. Fooling around is just habits and so is putting your head first without spilling your guts on the floor. I may at times be brave and bold but I am no soldier when it comes to taking risks in a girl’s heart. And yes, this is the part where I start to ramblingly think about the sinkable sentiment. The four letter word soaked in scarlet red and flowery ambience and aroma and all that. No matter what you do, you had to have that ambitious effect on your endeavors. So what if people called you an overzealous, fanatical, megalomaniac, poyo-ristic creature. Go ahead and do you think. That’s what you’re made of and that is where you will be and done when everything else doesn’t even bother to make sense. Either me or you believe this is an endless-emotional conversational coherence, we already obtained that understanding. It has occurred from the moment you learn how to make mistakes and making it again the same twice or more. It’s the unwritten law of human slacking and lacking. The true lesson here is acceptance. Trying to cope what is not yours and making it into something useful.

We don’t wait for a shooting lucky star or a total blue eclipse or for a white World War just to happen in order for us to make amends. If now is right (or maybe wrong), decision in inevitable. Be certain. The rest has already started it's track.