Khamis, Februari 12, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen UPDATE !

On the Transformers site, it was confirmed that several new Decepticons would form Devastator in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, and that he would have powerful upper body strength, similar to a gorilla. He will also be made up of 7 vehicles. The teaser trailer last week revealed a large robot at the end with a wheel which in actuality is Scavenger who transforms into a Terex RH400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator. For the record, he becomes the torso of Devastator in the movie. Not the actual full Devastator / Decepticon Combiners form yet. *&%#!

The original Generation 1 version from the TV series.

  • The Constructicons / Devastator consists several construction vehicles who can combine into a single robot, 100 to 120 feet tall. The name Devastator was mistakenly given to Brawl - a tank, in the first film. The name Bonecrusher, who was one of the Constructicons in the 1980s and Transformers: Universe was also used for a Decepticon killed in the first film. However, writer Roberto Orci stated during writing that neither character will be resurrected. No names have been revealed yet. The original Constructicon names Scrapper and Mixmaster appeared as drone units in the Transformers movie video game. Now, that's a hint for starters. Here the unoffical line-up so far which I dig, most of it from Wiki :
    • The Constructicon seen in the first television spot is a Terex O&K RH 400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator, similar to the original Constructicon Scavenger. He forms Devastator's torso.
    • A dump truck forms the right leg. It's individual robot mode was designed as fan art of the original character Long Haul. The fan art impressed Michael Bay enough to hire the freelance designer on to the film. Wow! ( baca: )
    • A bulldozer forms his left leg.
    • A front loader forms his right arm.
    • A crane is his left arm.
    • A cement mixer is the head, while another machine forms the back.


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