oh boy. here come's uncle Todd again.

Image Comics has provided fanboys of the 90s (refer: Lobak, Jeremy, Nanzo, etc) with an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at artwork from Haunt, the long awaited project that unites creator and artist Todd McFarlane with Spawn and Invincible writer and new Image partner, Robert Kirkman.

No thanks for me. Is 2009 marking back the return of the 90s after Rob Liefeld's horror Smash ?? Chaplang, siot! Agak-agak kepala budak baru masuk Tadika pun dah boleh agak, Haunt dengan Smash ni tiru karakter apa. Takkan lah tak upgrade walau seinci pun.

On a more brighter note: CIVIL WAR is now a video game. YeaY!