Jumaat, Januari 09, 2009

pandai buat duit kena masuk CNN

As you know, Amazing Spider-Man #583 hits the stands today. Well, in America at least because our shipments arrive on Saturday, latest. And how is America reacting to their President-Elect appearing with the Wall-Crawler? If there is any indication, with wallets open, apparently. Talked to one of my boys and it’s definitely been of those crazy fanboy/monumental event .

A line outside one comic shop before even it opened this morning. More than that, they received 20 calls before opening time, all asking about the Spidey-Obama book. They expect this scene to be mirrored across the country today as shops continue to open out all over America.

The question now: with comic books again getting a nice boost of attention and a likely boost in sales this week, how does the industry continue to capitalize on this moment?

source: newsarama.com


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