Selasa, Januari 13, 2009

The nearest thing to a SANDMAN movie - possibly probable, my guess would differ from otherwise but I feel good about this.

A Morpheus and his Endless fan will clearly see this being as close as to a SANDMAN Motion Picture could be. There's an arc in the book referring to this flick. There's also numerous movie beforehand that has the same vibe and feel (THE FALL, PAN'S LABYRINTH, CAVE OF THE GOLDEN ROSES, etc.) but this one is the latest. Well, of course we have to take out the wardrobe, the ass-kicking, poppy-contemporary, vigilante detective ala Rorschach material potion out of the equation. And yah... Ryan Phillipe must go too.

M e a n w h i l e - - -

Selepas gua sukses pujukrayu Jimi dan Zool beli ini...

* * *

Gua berjaya memaksa Lobak beli ini pula !

( Ternyata gua memang licik menjalankan kegiatan perniagaan tanpa pengeluaran modal )

The all new Sideshow Collectibles Book Catalogue Volume 10 . This is a thick full color collected compendium showing all the latest Sideshow products as well some of the unreleased-discontinued items. Cha-ching!

Special feature / behind the scene galore, fanboys !


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