you know his name

CASINO ROYALE: Rebel and Raw.
QUANTUM OF SOLACE : Dry and Dirty.

(...pun intended. Aheh!)

It's proof that revamps and reboots can still work if given to the fine-right people. Chris Nolan is the key player here when they re-polish Batman. Syabas, Martin Campbell. Syabas, Marc Forster. Those damn Brits! Komik lu nak conquer, sekarang Hollywood pulak lu orang nak re-conquer balik?! Siapa sangka origin Bond macam ni ropanya and ada sequential-sequel pulak tu. Spoilers apart - this is one of the top notch archetype heroes yang gua suka layan besides MacGyver and some other more.

Now, I wonder. Its perfect and all... but what happened to all the goddamn gadgets ek?

I really miss that 'Q' dude.

Ni pulak, gangguan si Nanzo di pagi hari!