Rabu, November 12, 2008

left brain pitching for a circus act.

Tonite, an idealist and a pragmatic talk over dinner about updates, current affairs and the state of liberalism. It was a good dialogue. Conversation turns into banter and gradually turns into quite the phonological breakthrough that the idealist wanted it to be after a long while.

The pragmatic had speeched with such rationale and contemporary philosophy that the idealist kept on counter-conversing with her debate.

It was Tongkat Ali Tarik and Teh O Ais for the idealist. Teh O Ais and Kueh Tiaw Penang for the pragmatist. It goes on for almost 2 and a half hour. I wish Aaron Sorkin can transcribe this for a pilot of somekind. With Abrams producing it.

The phone rang.

The bill is done.

Chivalry was attended well.

Can this be a cliffhanger? or Can this be another serial sitcom?


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