Sabtu, September 13, 2008

hari ini dalam sejarah pekomikan sedunia!

For decades, Marvel Comics has been telling noteworthy fictional stories. Major plotlines, trials and tribulations, triumph and tragedy detailing such things as first appearances of characters, character deaths (though those tend to be less permanent in superhero comics), life/decision altering events and other important developments. All of these occurences take place within a sliding timescale, which means that they are assumed to have taken place in a period of time up to years before the current date before or after, regardless of when they were actually published.

Thank god the 90s was long gone.

No more stupid clones. No more silly retcons. No more surreal bankruptcy (both literally and ideally speaking).

Being a solid reader of the Marvel Universe for more than 10 years or so, it has all boil down to this issue:



Thor made sure lightning struck not once or twice but multiple times.

Thor makes his presence known and meets up with the new Captain America. The Marvel Universe's most famous battle cry will be announced once again in the assembly of one of the largest gatherings of Avengers ever.

And I do mean it.


The New Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Nick Fury & his commandos, the Young Avengers, the Initiative, the Hood's crew, Thor, the new Captain America and the Thunderbolts are all ready to ...

Tony Stark sounds the battle cry and the registration act and all other divisions between hero and hero - and even hero and villain - are forgotten as one of the largest assemblies of Avengers ever charge forward to defend their planet.

This is what the whole series has been about. This double-page spread. This is the reunited Marvel Universe for the first time in maybe a decade. Even before I was reading Avengers, they weren't this group. And to here's the super trinity of the new Captain America, the resurrected Thor and repentful Iron Man. And there's Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Norman Osborn and it goes on and on. This is what comic book stuff is made of. That's what I sold and said each and every time people ask me of superhero comics . I literally stood up with my imaginary Mjolnir hammer and cherish this moment.

Don't believe me. Go ask Roy. He witnessed how geeky I acted today.

Here's a brief important rundown for what has been happening in the Marvel Universe for the last few years for those who missed out ---

Avengers Disassembled (2004)
Scarlet Witch goes insane and kills or incapacitates the current Avenger-roster, bringing to an end the Avengers as we knew them. In addition... Captain America and Iron Man face individual crisis, while Thor brings about the end of Asgard.

Secret War (2004 - 2005)
Nick Fury brainwashes several heroes in secret to start a secret war against Latveria, who he believes has been selling high-tech weaponry to super villains. Latveria is ruled by Dr.Doom.

House of M (2005)
Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver alter reality, creating a world in which mutants are in charge and ultimately resulting in M-Day. The aftermath is revealed in the events of Decimation.

New Avengers (2005)
Captain America reforms the Avengers after a mysterious attack at The Raft, a supermax prison, which freed dozens of super powered criminals.

Civil War (2006 - 2007)
Heroes are divided when the U.S. government passes the Super-human Registration Act. Captain America seeks freedom, while Iron Man seeks to institute The 50 State Initiative.

Death of Captain America (2007)
In the Aftermath of Civil War, Captain America is murdered by henchmen of the Red Skull.

Avengers: The Initiative (2007-2008)
Tony Stark becomes the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the 50 State Initiative starts gathering recruits.

Secret Invasion (2008)
A stealthy invasion by the Skrull race has gone unnoticed for years but there is an even more secret purpose behind it.

p/s : MY VERDICT FOR THE NEXT COMING ISSUES - You're going to get a big battle and not everyone is going to walk out alive. It doesn't go the way you're assuming it's going to go but you are going to see Thor, Iron Man and Cap fighting together. You're also going to see some people jumping in to be heroes that you never imagine would. You'll see giant Skrulls versus giant humans. You're going to see some cool shit. And I believe the Watcher might show up.


"I" the writer berkata...

Long Live the 90's!!

faizalmukhtar berkata...


age of apocalypse.

spider clones.

super mullet?!!

90s is so yesterday.

gayour berkata...

90s is yesterday?
but rob liefeld rules the age of apocalypse!

long live to all new super CRAP clown! harharhar!

faizalmukhtar berkata...


lu seboleh-boleh nak mencelah kan... &%^$*!!!

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